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Wednesday, 2 November 2016

Hide and seek

Three… Two... One... Go!
The chase is on.
I sprint into the forest, smash past trees and bushes, 
and find the ideal spot to hide, 
it's a rather large bush, 
perfect to hide In 
although it pushes against me.
I drop to the ground 
and into the bush. 

One minute passes.
Stay hidden, 
Stay quiet, 
they haven't found me yet, see.

Then the seeker is right there! 
As I lie still, some others come and hide nearby,
If I stay here, I'll probably die.
I get up and hide somewhere else, 
don't want to risk being found in a group. 
Here she is, 
the seeker 
is less than 5 metres away.
Lie still, stay down.

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