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Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Overprotective parents by Casper smith

This is the speech that I have worked hard on, I hope you enjoy it and here is a little reflection for my working.
This term I was learning how to express myself and how to make a my point heard, I feel that I did well doing this because in my speech you can hear every word that I say. My speech is well organised showing connections and flow between all important parts of speech structure, all my ideas connect to the point of view and include factual information, and it uses several language devices to persuade and connect with the audience. For example a language device that I used was an imperative. The imperative that I used was, “think back to the time”. I feel that when I presented my speech I did pretty well because I didn't stumble over the words very much.

Please click here to listen to my speech or read it below.

Have you ever been in a situation where your parents don’t let you do something simple, like go to the park, (which for me is a two minute walk away) or maybe walk to school on you own, or even you and your friend not being allowed to go to the playground,
and you think to yourself ‘I'm not five anymore’. Talk about overprotective parents
Well frankly, you shouldn't be just thinking your not five anymore, you should be saying just that. It's about time we start to stand up to our parents, it's time we started to reason, to find strong ideas for convincing your parents, to take control of the actions we should have control over.

Think back to a time on a hot, stuffy summer's day. For me we were in Toraranūi, at the beach. All I could think about was the tall rock sticking out of the sea that we called the rock jump island, just to the left and a hundred metres out, not far from the point. Man I wanted to go there today. So, I went to ask mum.
And mum being mum, said no. She said no! Why'd she say no?
So I went to ask her, “Ohh, why not”
“because I said so” she replied.
Don't you just hate it when your parents say that? It's just so annoying when they give you a fake answer like that. Put your hand up if your parents have said that before?
And I'll be surprised if your hands not up.

This is the kind of thing we need to reason with. The simple, the small, little things that we should be able to do!

What about the time you weren't allowed to walk to school on your own? Come on, next year some of us will be going to intermediate schools like Cobham or Heaton, and will have to go to school on our own. There are just some parents who won't accept the fact that our first day of school was long ago and that on our next time at a new school we will be a lot older and we will be more educated. And how about the time that your younger sibling was sick so you went to ask your parents if you could walk to school but they still said no?
Or maybe you just wanted to walk to school on your own but you're parents said
“No, you're brothers too young, and if you go alone now he will have to walk with me, and that's final”

(In all fairness to my mum that was a long time ago but I'm allowed to walk to school on my own now)

Another thing I have to tell you about is the park - the only place big enough to fly my radio controlled helicopter. And it was a super sunny day, 30 degrees celsius, absolutely no wind. And, to top it of, I was really bored.
So I went to ask mum, and from what I figured, she'd be happy to have me out of the house because me+park=less work for mum, but once again she proved me wrong with one simple word. No. But this time I did reason with her,
“Why not,” I said “it's a beautiful day, And there's no wind so that it is unlikely that it will crash and I'm bored”
“Mm Um, Ok, you can” she said.

If this was the way that (almost) every argument ended, our lives would be way more fun, Don't  you agree? we’ll be able to walk to school on our own, jump of rocks into the sea, go to the park and many more! What we need to do to avoid the no is to make no yes, to reason with our parents. So that next time your parents say no, you'll be ready with your convincing ideas.

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