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Tuesday, 24 May 2016

Stingray writing and reflection

The paddle in the water makes a loud splash, splash, splash. 
I am out on the kayak, exploring the rock that I had only seen during high tide underwater.
Will the octopus be there? Will I fall into the deep water?
I paddle over towards the rock, wondering if there would be any fish. The rock stands jagged out of the water. 
If I put the tip of the kayak on the rock, I will be stuck for ages, and even if I got out of it I would probably sink. Good thing the water was calm.
As I get to the rock, I see a shape I recognise. It stands out like fluorescent yellow on black. A stingray. I turn the kayak, paddling away as if I'm a mouse with cat on its tail.
I turn my head and see the stingray stalking me.
Crap. I paddle quickly towards the shore and look behind me. 
No stingray. 

During the making of this story we were learning about many things, these are just a few of them.
One: connecting to an emotion. Every story has to have a main emotion, if it doesn't have one the story will just become boring, but if you want to focus on an emotion you need to describe in-depth, eg. I look up at the tree, I am scared, see? Boring. But when you describe it in-depth it's more interesting,  eg. I stare up at the tree, petrified of its incredible heights. 
See? More interesting. Another thing we learnt about was past and present tense, always write in one tense unless you are putting a flashback in.
I think that this writing is at multistructural because I have listed many ideas and they make sense.

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  1. Another goody Casper, lots of lovely language. You are becoming a bit of a professional in your reflections on your writing. What's coming next I wonder?