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Wednesday, 28 October 2015

Crab diving

It felt weird, breathing under water, it was just unnatural. 
But it was also fun, listening to the water churning and getting tumbled by the waves. It was all great, but we weren't here to swim and play. 
I was going crab diving with my cousin, Felix and his friends Ollie, Rocco, Monty, Murphy, Jake and Bruno. We were a big troop, so we had a good chance to get the best crabs. But our luck was going south, down hill. 

I looked down, but no more big crabs were within vision due to the murky water down deep.  "Any more crabs yet Felix?" I asked.
"No, but Rocco and Ollie went over there to look for some more, go ask them about it." he replied.
"Ok, by the marker?" 
"Yep, you may have to swim a while."
"Ok." I replied. 

I swam over to the marker to look for Rocco and Ollie. 
By the time I reached Ollie, Rocco had gone to look for the monster crabs, said to dwell in the waters of Totaranūi bay. Something tapped me on the back. I looked back having thoughts of tiger sharks and stingrays. 

But no, it wasn't a stingray or a tiger shark. Infact it was Rocco. He wasn't laughing, but smiling. He held up a bag filled to the brim with crabs that were squirming and nipping their claws at us. 
"Jackpot over their," he said. "Fill your bag!"
"Ok." I answered excitedly.

My flippers propelled me along, with my head in the water and a keen eye on the lookout for crabs. This time when I looked down, there were crabs, lots of crabs, and they were monster crabs, bigger than the ones that Felix and I had caught, and they were colored weirdly. But one stood out. I stared at it for a while and reilised it was a stingray.
I'm definitely waiting for that to go away, I thought to myself.

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