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Wednesday, 28 October 2015


I could hear his footsteps coming down the hall, and a horrific beast burst through the door. My brother had come to get at me yet again.  
"Casper, can you please come play with me?" Willem asked.
"No," I grumbled. 
"Why not?" he moaned. 
"Because the answer is NO, n o spells no!"
Willem always wants to play with me, and the games he likes are kind of boring. 
But sometimes they are fun, like the time I was reading and he jumped on me and said 'wanna have a fake wrestle' I answered 'OK' that ended with him in tears.
"But, but I'm bored!"
"Well you can be bored, but don't come to me, I'm definitely your source of entertainment," I said sarcastically.
"Please?" he whined 
"If you’re gonna be annoying then get out of my room!" I shouted angrily. 
"You’re not the boss of me, you’re not the boss of me!" 
"My roof my rule, my rules."
“Look up, it even says ‘Casper's roof’ on the ceiling." 
He looked up and I took my chance.
"Oy!" he exclaimed as I pushed him out the door.

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