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Monday, 21 September 2015

Scary night

Have you got a younger sibling, one that screams really loudly? One that doesn't listen to   ANYTHING you say? Or one that uses your stuff, doesn't put it away and YOU get the blame? Ever since my brother came into my life, it changed loads, but that couldn't stop me having a little fun!

So there we were one day, my brother, Willem, my cousins Harry and Felix and I were walking home from the park when we usually would be in bed. We were about to pass the house that was abandoned in the earthquake, the one Willem was scared of, the one he believed was haunted by ghosts, the old, mangled and unlived in house.
Then a thought struck me... we could scare him. So I steered over to Felix and whispered in his ear, "pretend to be haunted to scare Willem!" His eyes lit up at the idea. I knew he'd think it would be fun and cheeky. He liked that kind of thing.

As I walked away I saw Felix swaying like a ghost was swinging him, skidding his feet along the ground. Willem turned and stared strangely at Felix. 
Then I started twitching my shoulders and flailing my arms like my body was out of control.... exactly my aim.  
"Casper, Felix, you're being haunted!" Willem exclaimed, with the look of immense fear and shock on his face, and then he shrieked, and slunked down to the ground.

That moment I heard the neighbour's door opening. I twisted my head, and a man came running out of the house and saw us. The only thing that went through my brain that second was, don't pull out a gun, don't pull out a gun, don't pull out a gun… At that moment I felt a little scared myself.

He luckily didn't, but he did give us the 'What's going on' look. Willem said "Felix and 
Casper were being, being controlled by ghosts" 
"No we weren't!" Was my immediate reply 
"It was all a trick!" Agreed Felix 
"Next time don't do that Casper" Harry said.
"And you better not scream so loud," said the man, “you woke me up!"

On our way home I got a glimpse of Willem looking quite humiliated with being fooled. Being the youngest in the family when we got home my mum said that Willem needed to go straight to bed, leaving Felix, Harry and I to watch TV before Harry and Felix went home. Seeing how sad he looked I felt a bit sorry for him.
The overall lesson that I learnt in this incident is there is no where better to scare your  annoying siblings than outside the house they believe is haunted. Another lesson that could have been learnt is to think before you do because that day could have ended very differently like if the neighbour had called the police. Luckily, all I had to deal with was a sad and scared brother.

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