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Sunday, 10 May 2015

the black thief escape

The Black Thief escape.
"Mum, can I go get the lollies?" I asked
"No Casper,you can't ‘go get the lollies’," said mum
"Please?" I pleaded.
"OK Casper, yes you can go get the lollies.''
"Yes!" I say walking over to the pantry.  I unzip the door and shout: "Ahh, what's that?" because two mysterious black shiny eyes were staring out at me from the pantry My hand shot to my pocket where I kept my pocket knife safe. And, as if it had read my mind, the black rat shot out of the pantry like a springbok with cheetahs on its tail, zooming through  freshly packed food not even stopping to get a drink of spilled juice from my brother.  I was millimetres away from catching the thief but he zoomed into a crevice in the camping trailer. Reluctantly, I opened the crevice and the black thief shot out like a bullet hurtling toward the target: outside. He was going so fast that he lost control and thwacked his tail on the handle of the jackhammer, and slipped through the gap in the trailer. Without thinking I carefully put my head under the place that the thief had got through and saw him scurrying towards the forest,
"Casper, I thought that you were getting the lollies?"said a voice that made me look round.
"Yes," I replied.
"Then what are you doing here? This is the camping trailer, the lollies are in the pantry,"
"Yes I know mum, there was a mouse!"
"Ok, there was a what?"She asked
"A mouse" I repeat. Escape,
"A mouse?"
"Yes,  in the pantry,"
"Where is it?" She asked.
"Gone, in the forest."
"Good," she said,
Very very good, I thought.

Squawk, squawk. The noise made me look around, and to my surprise, a weka was looking at with its head tilted, I could just see a couple of the lollies dangling from its mouth.


  1. Cool story, Casper. I like the suspense you build around trying to catch that rat!
    (I'm also pleased it's fiction and the Black Thief was not really hiding in our camp pantry.)

  2. Ha! Great ending Casper. What's a weta and how can make sure it doesn't come after my lollies?

    1. Well, don't put your'e lollies in the low down pantry, put them up high,
      a wet is a flightless bird

    2. Weka or weta? They're easily confused and not at all the same....