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Monday, 18 May 2015

swimming with danger

Chapter one: The Eel Encounter!
Splash splash, "Mum, you should really come in" I said.
"No thanks, I'm about to go back to the batch, do you wanna come?" 
"No thanks mum," 
"Ok, see you later!"
Mum left without another word. I swam around, occasionally feeling the brush of an eel against my legs, then suddenly James my cousin swore. I turned around, scared about what I would see next.
"A-a-an eel, it came right up and touched my face! And it was heading your way!" 
Uh oh, I thought, maybe, it thought I was 'more yummy' (but of course I was only seven at the time). After waiting for a bit no eel had bit me so I dove under the water to see where It was at... 

Chapter Two: The Teeth
"Bubble bubble" I said, because saying 'ahh' under water is hard. The first thing I saw was the teeth; sharp, piercing teeth, and the jaw, opening and closing. 
My head pops up and another face faced me.
"James! Why, did you do that?" James's hand popped up... I recognised it: the eel.
"Ow! My toe" I said, and lifted it out of the water and saw BLOOD! 

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  1. I Could connect to that because I was getting chased by a eel In Wanaka and It nearly bit me. Charlie