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Sunday, 10 May 2015

autumn poem

Autumn poem

Autumn comes fast to this school,
there's leaves, wind, rain,

Dirty rubbish, flying around,
there's lots here,
more picks up speed and shoots around,
it's autumn again.

yellowing, crunching leaves
Lying under trees, and elsewhere, useless,
mushing up as they get trampled down,
it's autumn again.

Cold blasts of wind,
Whistle through the trees,
causing leaves to shoot upwards,
crashing down upon least expecting victims,
paper bags shoot up,
then come down still,
it's autumn again,

Pounding rain,
like bullets hurtling towards the ground,
like the sky is our enemy,
causing chill,
it's autumn again,

Kids, pulling puffer jackets further over there heads,
shivering all over,
It's autumn again

Damp Footballs,  
Flying through the air, like mini meteorites
attacking earth as they fall.

Autumn comes fast to this school,
There's leaves, wind, rain
And from the field the first games yell,
And the last leaves lay crippled.


  1. Wow. That ending! Nice one boy-o.

  2. I remember when it was autumn so peaceful and wonderful. I love all the yellow crispy leaves I love this peace of writing it is very good because you have used descriptive words.