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Sunday, 8 March 2015


The sensation of this huge Jump overwhelms me. I am at the top of a 5 or 6 metre jump off a horrific, massive, natural rock. Boom! Splash! My cousin Felix has just made the jump. His head pops up from the water. "Casper, you should really do this jump!"

"Ok". I say, trembling all over with fright. Then I step backwards, take a big run up, then sprint up to the edge of the rock, and jump of it. I see the deep deep water below me. I can smell water, feel the air rushing past me. I taste the water spray, and feel the water hitting my legs. More and more water engulfs me into it's treacherous depths. I see fish scatter around, trying to avoid me. There, now I am in the water so now I can try to touch the bottom. I swim breaststroke down to the bottom of the sea. "Uh oh! I need to go up!" I let myself float to the top.

I say: "Man that was extremely amazing! I am going to do it all over again!"

So I do it again.

The end by Casper smith. 


  1. Great story Casper!!


  2. Casper I love the line More and more water engulfs me into it's treacherous depths. I especially love that I know you took engulfs out of your bright sparks book.

  3. That story takes me right back to watching you take that huge jump! I wonder if you were trembling with fright more than your me?
    xx Mum